We are dedicated to serving the musical community at Northern Michigan University and within the community of Marquette, MI.

We play and sing in University and community ensembles such as the “Pride of the North” Wildcat Marching Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, University Orchestra, University Choir, Northern Lights Acapella, and the Marquette City Band.

Marching Band Camp, Fall 2015

We also have several Brothers playing in their own bands, including Nick Adams and the Aral Sea Divers, Charmer, and Who Dat Brass.

A few of our Music Major Brothers have arranged pieces for Rho and friends to practice our musical skills. MOMJAMS (Moments of Musical Jamming after the Meeting) have included fun tunes such as Super Smash Bros.

We enjoy caroling during the holiday seasons. We have sung festive tunes around campus and at the Marquette Children’s Museum.  We have also built a wrench xylophone for the Children’s Museum!

Holiday Caroling at the Children’s Museum, 2015

We keep music close to our hearts with our Chapter Song.

  1. Piano Man Billy Joel